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Our priority is to meet our clients' business and technical needs while keeping their personal and business information private. Since we have customers from all over the world, we have learned that the most important criteria for web hosting are Excellent Customer Service, Reliable Servers and Fair Prices. We have built our business on these three important values.

About Us:

We have been in business since 1995 and have over a decade of hosting experience. Through this experience, we have grown to having a presence in 9 countries. We provide shared virtual hosting, colocation services, dedicated hosting and managed dedicated hosting solutions with worldwide access. We also provide domain name registration services and a variety of add-on solutions such as security management, SSL certificates, and advanced programming services.

Reasons To Choose Secure Hosting Service

  1. Knowledgeable and Speedy Customer Support. Providing our customers with quality support is our first priority. Our technical support team has many years of experience with Internet services. Our online support system is the direct line to support. Our customers consistently praise us for our helpful and timely response.
  2. Performance. Our network can handle your server's traffic with no slowdowns. We have a full fiber optic backbone connection. We are in a state-of-the-art Internet data center which features direct major backbone connection for high performance and redundancy, rich fiber connections to the backbone carrier, and scalable bandwidth capacity.
  3. Highly Competitive Prices. We are international in scope and it shows in our prices. We have many plans and packages to choose from. You can host unlimited domain names, email accounts, and web sites on your dedicated server. You can host unlimited domain web sites on your dedicated server, it costs you only a flat monthly fee. You can also be the sole site on your server and run mission critical applications on it. You have full 24-hour full access to your server.
  4. Reliability. We employ redundant Internet backbone connections to avoid problems from our providers. We have backup network routers, switches, hubs and servers to avoid hardware failures. We use only the most reliable network products. Our routing network is 100% Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems. Network and servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Experience. Don't risk your business with one of the many cheap service providers. We have been serving businesses worldwide since 1995 and we are hosting hundreds of clients. We are experienced with network router, switch, hub, and server hardware. We also have vast experience in Windows operating systems, IIS, Microsoft SQL databases, Linux operating systems, MySQL databases, Apache web servers, ASP, Python, Perl, and Cold Fusion programming languages.
  6. Full-Range Internet Services. We build customized server hardware, install server operating systems and major Internet application software such as web, ftp, mail and DNS servers.
  7. Leading Edge Technologies. We use only Intel and AMD chips designed for servers. We use only SATA and SCSI hard drives in our servers. All of our dedicated servers are powerful enough to support both Linux and Windows operating systems.
  8. More Products and Features. We aim to add as many features as possible into every offering and we do this while also providing some of the best value in the industry. Our prices provide exceptional value for money due to the features that we provide. We are constantly adding to our extensive range of packages and continue to develop new features and services. We do many custom orders and are happy to quote for something not already in our packages.
  9. Easy to Use Services. We make server management simple and straightforward. No technical background is required. You can run your own virtual or dedicated server with our assistance. We have both managed and unmanaged solutions.
  10. Focused Customer Base. We are focused on serving internet entrepreneurs. We want to assist you to become the next Google or Ebay.
  11. Honesty and Integrity. We know that communications is key and endeavor to provide as much communication as possible via as many methods as possible in the event of any problems. We will always let our customers know the full details of any situation that affects them and what is being done to correct the problem.
  12. Understanding. Our management were once customers also, so we know and understand the level of service our customers expect. We were able to learn from this and ensure that we give our customers the service we would expect to be given to us if we were the client.
  13. Financial stability. Our corporate financial position is solid, with no debt of any kind. Started in 1995, with years of experience, we have what it takes for continued viability and success. You can always do business with us.
  14. Customer Backing. Our customers agree that our service is superior to many other internet service providers. Just read some of our clients' testimonials that give customer comments relating to our services. We know that customer satisfaction is extremely important The most important marketing tool that we have is customer satisfaction in every sale and support opportunity. We also provide our customers with full access to our support team to ensure that if they are receiving the service that they expect.

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