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As your company plans its Internet presence, it may consider topics and services like connectivity, email, web hosting, and other services. And when it starts looking for a provider for these services, it must look for a company that proves trustworthy, rock solid service and support as your company’s online needs grow.

Many international companies have found just that partner in Secure Hosting Services, where we provide a whole suite of managed services aimed at becoming a “one-stop shop” for business looking to start out, grow, or improve their online presence. Startups and large corporations alike have come to appreciate our expertise and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure that their email, websites, managed servers and other managed services are always working properly for them.

We see our role as a trusted partner that can help our clients through many of the confusing processes involved in setting up web services. Each day, we work to assist our customers through setting up, modifying and properly using these services to make their businesses run more smoothly. Below is a complete listing of our managed services.

What is Managed Hosting?
Managed Hosting is for customers who prefer to have us maintain and monitor their dedicated servers, email, web servers, DNS, and operating system. Companies or individuals who do not have the required system administration resources on-staff commonly choose this option to augment their dedicated hosting service.

When do you need a Managed Server?
Managed Hosting is an excellent solution for mid to high level hosting needs. Designed to host busy e-commerce sites and dynamic, database driven Web pages, Managed Hosting offers small and large business owners a fast, powerful, reliable and professionally maintained Web presence. If you have a need for a dedicated server, and don’t have the IT resources, expertise, or time to manage your own servers, then Managed Hosting is right for you.

Why shouldn't I choose Managed Server Hosting?
Managed Hosting is only an issue if you have a need for a dedicated server and do not want to have the burden of administration of the server. If you have the resources and desire to manage all aspects of your server then you may want to use unmanaged dedicated hosting.

What are the advantages of Managed Server Hosting?
Managed Hosting offers many enticing features since we do the basic management.

We manage:
  • Utilities
  • Control Panels
  • Documentation
  • 24/7 monitoring and server health response team
  • Managed Security
  • Operating System Software upgrades, patches, and updates
  • Domain Name Services
  • System Administration
  • Core OS Services: Shell, HTTP, FTP, and mail (POP, IMAP, SMTP)

You manage:
  • Your Web site content
  • Adding e-mail, FTP and subhost users
  • Customizing core services and add-ons
  • Installing custom applications
  • Managing server logs
  • Writing CGI and other scripts
  • Transferring existing domains

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